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Living in SriRacha

Sri Racha

The town of Sriracha, which is roughly thirty kilometres north of Pattaya City, like most of Thailand’s other small waterfront communities, its roots go back to a small fishing village. Compared to the eastern seaboard’s other seaside resort towns, living in Sriracha may not seem as glamorous as Pattaya or Jomtien, but it does however, have a number of attractions in and around the town itself.

Part of Sriracha’s charm are the spluttering three-wheeled motorcycle rickshaws that ply the city’s streets. They seem to be the town’s preferred form of public transportation, and are quite unique to this particular area. Along Jermjompol Road, Sriracha’s main waterfront street, local delicacies fresh from the Gulf of Thailand, such as fresh oysters, mussels, shrimp, crab and abalone can be enjoyed in what many say are the finest seafood restaurants in all of Thailand and in the first-rate open-air seafood restaurants that are situated at the end of the rickety, tentacle like piers that snake off of Jermjompol Road, like spokes from a broken wagon wheel.

Other attractions of interest in Sriracha are the ostentatious, picturesque, artistic and to some, bewildering Thai-Chinese temple on the tiny island of Ko Loi, the nearby Sriracha Tiger Zoo, the Nong Mon Market, famous for its fresh and salted seafood products and the the Ko Loi Pier where the ferry boats depart more than a dozen times a day taking tourist to the popular destination of Ko Si Chang Island.

However, the city of Sriracha is perhaps best known for producing the amber coloured spicy chilli sauce called Nam Prik Sriracha. Not only is this popular sauce found in practically every restaurant and kitchen throughout the whole of Thailand, you should also be able to buy this famous spicy sauce in supermarkets all over the world.

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